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ADD NEW OFFER (Demo Model only - Not Functioning)
Easy and fast. Use the drop down forms to choose the dates and other details such as room type and what's included. It will help your sales if you include a "title or theme". Be short but descriptive. Below is a little sample.
Start Period:
End Period:
  What's this?
  What's this ?
Room Type:
  What's this?
  What's this?
  What's this?
Min. Stay:
  What's this? 
  What's this?
  What's this?
Room Theme/Descriptions:
  Choose the Language:
What's this
English Language

* Above feature doesn't work in this Demo version..
Now you have 5 languages of the descriptions:Switch to FrenchSwitch to GermanSwitch to ItalySwitch to Thai Switch to English >> What's this?

* Notice: Remember once you type information into the text box of any language it will automatically be saved and the flag of that country will show.. If you want to add more languages, just select the new language. The system will provide you the new textbox of the new language on the screen. When you select any language, the flag symbol will show to state that you are starting to save that language in the system. If you want to cancel typing, just leave the text box empty and choose the new desired language. If you want to edit the previous saved language, you can either select on the combo box or select from the flag symbols at the bottom.


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